Monday, April 19, 2010

What this blog is all about

So I know that a blog about blogs sounds incredibly boring. I mean why read a blog about other blogs? What a waste of the blogosphere, right?

Wrong. Take a minute to think about your current blogs. How many times have you been bored by your regular blogs, or wished somebody somewhere would post something interesting? How great would it be if one blog could open your eyes to your new favorite blogs? Wouldn't that be convenient?

Well wish no more, ladies and gentlemen! That's what this blog is for! I hope to provide readers everywhere with information on fresh new blogs. It'll be like a buffet of blogs, so you can stop reading the same old schticks and actually read something surprising. You wouldn't eat the same old thing everyday, would you? Well why not nourish your mind with some variety? There will be funny blogs, inspirational blogs, niche blogs, and blogs so out there you can't believe they exist! So get excited, this blog might change your reading habits forever!

Post edit**And I should mention that if anybody has a blog that they feel deserves to be highlighted, please just write me about it! I'm pretty good at finding the latest and greatest, but even I can use a little help!

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