Monday, April 19, 2010

And the first blog to be honored by her majesty is....

Fat Cyclist! I wasn't planning on making this jovial jock my first honoree, but I had the pleasure of meeting him this week and couldn't help myself. His life is one incredible story. So once upon a time, the Fat Cyclist was cycling when he realized his weight had gotten out of control. The man's knees were hitting his belly with every peddle, which is not only painful but quite unhealthy. This realization motivated him to change his life. In his own words, "I had known I needed to lose weight, but hadn’t really done much about it. As I pushed my bike up the road, I realized I had not tried one very successful diet tactic: humiliation."*

What followed is a blog of self-mockery and raw humanity. Fat Cyclist, or "Fatty" as he calls himself, not only opened up about his struggle with his weight, but with struggles in his life. Readers, initially charmed with his witty stories, have come to find that Fatty is more than a chubby biker. He's a widower and father, as well as a friend to hundreds of readers. As he puts it, "So while I still write lots of the jokey stuff I always have, I’m now inclined to also write the occasional serious post, keeping my family and friends (including the hundreds of friends I’ve made on this blog, but have never met in person) up to date with how how I’m doing."**

As you can see, he's a down to earth, relatable human being, who just happens to be hilarious. But all jokes aside, it's his sincere, honest tone that has readers crazy for Fat Cyclist.

So go check him out yourself! I've also searched for him on my youtube feature and some great stuff came up, so begin searching! And if you can't get enough of cycling blogs, take a look at these other blogs:

*This quote came from his about page at
**So did this one, one less thing to click on!

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