Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh for the love of sewing.

This week I thought I'd go a completely different direction and feature a sewing blog run by a very precocious seamstress. But this seamstress has another trait that really sets her apart.

She's selfish.

Now I'm not trying to pick on our honoree, but she says it herself. The self-proclaimed Selfish Seamstress has been sewing for herself since fall of 2009. This is how the sassy sewer describes herself, "The Selfish Seamstress loves to design and sew garments, but only if she gets to keep them. I’m Elaine, known in the online sewing world as elainemay, and welcome to my selfish sewing blog."*

In addition to this proclamation of selfishness, the Selfish Seamstress posts haiku poems such as:

"It hurts me to think
Of wasting precious fabric
On your sorry ass."**

Lovely, isn't it?

And in case you forgot that she's selfish, the Selfish Seamstress organizes her posts under categories like "Navel Gazing" and "My Important Opinions."

But I am not so easily fooled. For someone so allegedly selfish, the Selfish Seamstress dedicates a lot of time helping others. Most recently, she has begun using her sewing fame to collect sewing materials for a fellow sewer whose belongings were destroyed in the Haiti earthquake. You can help Arielle by reading the post here Just look at this face, it's hard not to help someone so cute, right?

So go give the Selfish Seamstress a chance. She's hilarious, talented (i just drool over her clothes!) and secretly sweet. Plus, her profile picture is this:

What's not to love?

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